Deb Schulte
Hon. Deb Schulte
Member of Parliament for King—Vaughan
April Newsletter



Dear Friends,

Finally spring is here and the weather is warming up. It has been a busy few months working hard to get important initiatives for King-Vaughan reflected in Budget 2019. Please see below for more details. As the Parliamentary Secretary for National Revenue I have also been supporting the Minister as we improve CRA service levels, pursue large corporate and offshore tax evaders, and ensure everyone is aware of the NEW Climate Action Incentive that must be claimed when you do your 2018 Taxes. It is a true privilege for my team and I to be serving the community and helping to solve the many immigration, CRA, and other issues identified. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at local events and at the doors as we all get back outside after a long winter.




Canada’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the G7, Canadians have created more than 900,000 jobs, and most middle class families are better off. Yet for all the progress made, many Canadians still worry about the future. With Budget 2019, our Government is making sure all Canadians can benefit from a growing economy. That means helping more Canadians find an affordable home; prepare for good, well-paying jobs; retire with confidence; and making prescription drugs more affordable.


Climate Action Town Hall

It was great to see so many people come out to my Climate Action Town Hall. The impacts of climate change are real and already costing Canadians billions. We need action now for a sustainable future for ourselves and our children.

Together, we can make a difference.

Highlighting Local Investments in Rapid Transit 
One of the issues I hear most from frustrated residents is about traffic congestion. That is why we are making transformative investments in public transit, like all day, two-way enhanced service on the GO Transit Barrie line corridor. We need to make sure public transit works for you.
Family Day Skate

Our Family Day Skate was a great opportunity for me to give back to the community and provide the hard-working parents of King-Vaughan the chance to come out and enjoy a fun time with their families! Thank you to all the volunteers that made it such a success!
Seniors Forum 

Thanks to the Minister of Seniors, for spending so much time with us at our Forum in King Township and for answering all our questions. Budget 2019 has several initiatives to help seniors that we were able to talk about with local residents, including the groundwork for a national pharmacare plan to make prescription drugs more affordable.

Infrastructure Funding for Vaughan

I was proud to be part of an important funding announcement of $16 million for the City of Vaughan, which will help keep property taxes down and strengthen the city's ability to better protect residents from natural hazards in vulnerable neighbourhoods.

Celebrating Nowruz

I was delighted to celebrate Nowruz with hundreds of members of our community and the Prime Minister. What a wonderful display of our diversity complete with beautiful performances, delicious food and friendship.
Wishing a healthy & prosperous new year to everyone celebrating!



Climate Action Incentive

It is no longer free to pollute in Canada. To help families in Ontario offset the cost of the fuel charge, our government is putting money back in your pocket with the annual Climate Action Incentive rebate.

Don't forget to claim your rebate when you file your taxes!
Looking for a Summer Job?

Youth can now search for employers that have been approved for Canada Summer Jobs funding online! Be sure to look for whose hiring in our community as applications for youth open this month!
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