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Hon. Deb Schulte
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Minister of Environment and Climate Change Announces Climate Action Incentive in Vaughan
March 21, 2019

March 6, 2019 – Vaughan, Ontario

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Announces Climate Action Incentive in Vaughan

MP Deb Schulte was delighted to host Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change at a local H&R Block Canada branch in King-Vaughan to talk about the new Climate Action Incentive, which is helping to make life more affordable for families in Ontario while fighting climate change.


In 2016, the Federal Government, together with the provinces and territories, indigenous leaders, businesses, NGOs and experts, developed a comprehensive national climate plan. Almost all provinces and territories signed on to the plan to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a clean growth economy. Since then some provinces have pulled back from their commitments, including Ontario. As a result, the Federal Government is applying a price on pollution to ensure all regions of Canada do their part to reduce emissions.

Starting in April, the Federal Government will put a price on pollution through the energy Canadians use, like gas and heating. All of the funds received will be returned in the province from which it is collected. Putting a price on pollution will encourage people and businesses to make cleaner choices and drive investments in energy efficiency. That makes good business sense: last year, the four provinces with a price on pollution had the fastest growing economies.

The Government of Canada understands that not all Canadians may be able to make significant changes or cover the increased costs at the pump or when heating their homes. This is why the Federal Government is providing an annual Climate Action Incentive to offset the financial impact.

The Climate Action Incentive will offset the cost of pricing pollution. For example, an average family of four in Ontario will receive $307 through the Climate Action Incentive when they file their taxes this year. Moreover, Ontarians can save more money if they choose clean solutions like public transit, fuel efficient vehicles, or energy efficient technology in their homes, such as smart thermostats. The more energy efficient you become, the more money you will save.

Funds received from the price on pollution will also be used to support small- and medium-sized businesses and municipalities to become more energy efficient and save money, in addition to supporting other initiatives that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario.

Putting a price on pollution is only one part of the plan to reduce emissions. Our government has already made critical investments to give Canadians cleaner choices, including: upgrading our public transit systems, like expanding GO Transit service along the Barrie Corridor; providing more electric-vehicle fast charging stations throughout southern Ontario, including in Vaughan; expanding home energy efficiency programs, to help Canadians save money on their energy bills; and providing historic investments in renewable energy.

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